School Uniform

Please view our School Uniform Policy here.

Uniforms can be purchased from MacDonald’s School Wear in Jamison.   This supplier will sell the correct uniform. They have been notified of our current school uniform requirements.  All items of uniform MUST be marked clearly with your child’s name.

School hats can be purchased from the school for $15 each.  We also have a second hand clothing pool which is open on Tuesday mornings at 9:30am and items can be purchased for $2 per item.

Summer Uniform Term 1 & Term 4
Boys Top: Sky Blue polo shirt with school logo
Bottom:  Navy Blue shorts

Dress:  Maroon/Blue checked dress
Top: Sky Blue polo shirt with school logo
Bottom:  Navy blue dress shorts/skort/skirt

Winter Uniform Term 2 & Term 3

Top: Long sleeve Sky Blue shirt  OR Sky Blue skivvy OR Long sleeve Sky Blue polo shirt with school logo
Bottom:  Long Navy Blue trousers


Top:  Long sleeve Sky Blue blouse with Peter Pan collar OR Sky Blue polo neck skivvy
Bottom:  Navy Blue slacks  OR  Navy Blue Dress - Clearon Fabric 9046

Sports Uniform

Both boys and girls will wear the same sport uniform.
Top: Navy Blue polo knit shirt with school logo
Bottom:   Navy Blue shorts.  Optional Navy Blue netbell skirt for girls


Bottom:   Navy Blue tracksuit
Top: Navy Blue/Sky Blue polo knit shirt with school logo
Shoes: Gym shoes for sports days only

Shoes Gym shoes for sports days only
Common Items

Maroon jumper with school logo or Maroon polar fleece with school logo.

Maroon sloppy joe with school logo.

Black leather school shoes (summer & winter) - not sport shoes.

White ankle height socks.

Navy blue bucket hat (with school name printed) as recommended by Cancer Society to be worn by all students when out of the building at all times. A navy blue polar fleece beanie may be worn by students in June and July in accordance with the Sun Smart Policy.

Preschool Uniform

Both boys and girls wear the same sky blue and navy blue polo shirt year round. They also have a navy blue bucket hat.


Makeup and fingernail polish are not part of the school uniform and are not to be worn.

Hair Ties

Hair ties should be in keeping with the school colours.


The school policy is that the only jewellery students are allowed to wear to school are watches, stud or sleeper earrings to be worn in a maximum of 2 holes per earlobe. Wearing of other jewellery including rubber wrist bands and friendship bands can become a safety issue.

Coats/ Scarfs

Children are permitted to wear any coat or scarf in the colder months. We do not have a school specific coat or scarf. We ask that children only wear these outside and remove them once they are inside the school building.