Meet our Staff

Our staff can be contacted via email clicking on the highlighted names.

Principal Leah Taylor Assistant Principal Carmen Myles
Early Learning Centre Director Maribel Cabezas
Religious Education Coordinator Skye McPadden & Ella Barry Coordinator Peter Collins

Teaching Staff

All teaching staff are qualified teachers and are employed by the Director of Catholic Education on behalf of the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn and are registered with the Teacher Quality Institute.

St Thomas Aquinas teachers are supported to develop their skill in Direct Instruction and Daily Review by an Instructional Coach. St Thomas Aquinas employs two instructional coaches to work with teachers on a regular basis. Teachers also have opportunities to observe other teacher’s classroom practice and to learn through peer observation.

Kinder Blue
Kinder Green

Michelle Mason
Kelly Scanlan

Year 1 Blue
Year 1 Green
Brittaney Ford
Madeline Evans
Year 2 Blue
Year 2 Green
Monica Culas
Angela McDonald
Year 3 Blue
Year 3 Green
Ella Barry
Matthew Moore
Year 4 Blue
Year 4 Green

Hannah Dewey
Joshua Mackenzie

Year 5 Blue
Year 5 Green
Sam Pigram
Kristy-Lee Kaden and Peter Collins
Year 6 Blue
Year 6 Green
Matthew Smith
Megan Thomas  
Diverse Learning Susan Magyar
Deb Griffin
Teacher Librarian Rachael Hind Arts and Music Teacher Naomi Wicks
Sport/Health Teacher Alisha Barrett and Danielle Hooper Assessment
Release Teacher Skye McPadden and Bonwyn Newth

School Secretary

Lee Black

Office Administration Steph Cooper
Classroom Support Assistants Leigh Barwell
Michelle Hastie
Katrina McClintock
Laura Mudford
Marianne Nelson
Michelle Filtness
Liam Unwin
Jessica Cassidy
Counsellor (Marymead)
Student Welfare

To be confirmed
Stewart McDonald