School Fees - 2019


The schedule of fees for 2019 are available here.

The Catholic Education Commission sets school Tuition and Building Fund fees for all ACT Catholic Schools annually. As well as these payments, the St Thomas Aquinas SCC sets an Operations fee, an Excursion/Performance fee, ICT fee, a Maintenance fee a Fundraising Levy and an Art/Craft fee. These payments are part of the process of setting the annual school budget.

  • Operations Fee:  covers the costs associated with running the school itself. These include cleaning, groundsman, electricity, phone, mowing, waste disposal, loan repayments, administration costs, office stationery, etc.
  • Excursion/Performance Fee:  covers all excursions, special school activities, Book Week guests, visiting performers, and costs of St Thomas Aquinas athletics, swimming and cross country carnivals.
  • Bookpack Fee:  charged separately and refer to all stationery, text materials, classroom paper and sundry items purchased for the children and the classes.
  • Fundraising Levy:  as an alternative to running lots of different Fundraising activities throughout the year. It means the school can focus on our Annual Fete as the main fundraising income source and families then also contribute a small amount each term to support the SCC related funding of school resources.  For example, playground equipment, landscaping etc.

Payment of Fees

Fees may be paid annually, by term, month, fortnight or weekly. Credit Card, Direct Debit, Direct Credit and Bpay arrangements are an ideal way to make regular payments. Please contact the school early in Term 1 to discuss your fee situation if you wish to pay by instalments.

A schedule of school fees is provided by request from the school office. It is the policy of the Catholic Education Office that no child will be denied a Catholic School education due to the inability of parents to pay school fees.