Our Early Learning Centre

Our Philosophy

At St Thomas Aquinas Early Learning Centre (ELC) we are a community that is built on the foundation of the Catholic faith, beliefs and traditions. Our community extends beyond our ELC, encompassing all stakeholders in our local and broader community. We welcome all faiths and support the beliefs and values of each child and family. We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, the Ngunnawal People. We value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural perspectives, heritage and knowledge.

  • We draw on our Catholic Ethos to build nurturing and supportive relationships within our team
  • We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our commitment to provide a program that is innovative and contemporary 
  • We value the unique strengths and capabilities of our team. We welcome multiple perspectives and commit to respectful dialogue at all times
  • We provide open and transparent channels of communication for all stakeholders to promote a positive and respectful workplace
  • We strive to provide opportunities for professional learning, professional conversations and growth viewing everyone as lifelong learners
  • We respect, value and celebrate every staff member’s diverse cultural background and heritage


  • We prioritise growing relationships that are based on active listening and confidentiality that grows trust and respect
  • We provide a welcoming, safe, nurturing and inclusive space for all stakeholders to enhance equitable opportunities for all children
  • We value the rich diversity of our families and reflect this in our program to nurture the holistic development of each child
  • We engage in building strong partnerships that are based on open-communication, mutual respect and transparency
  • We view families as a child’s first teacher and respect their expertise when working in collaboration with them


  • We provide an inclusive, safe and accessible environment that welcomes and supports all children, and intentionally considers children’s unique learning dispositions
  • We value the rich diversity of our local and broader communities and reflect on this though the use of authentic and respectful resources and program
  • We work collaboratively with children to assess risk and build confidence in their capabilities. We intentionally provide a multidimensional natural play space to enhance this
  • We are purposeful and intentional in providing aesthetically beautiful environments to encourage and challenge children’s exploration, curiosity and learning
  • We believe children have the right to play in an environment that focuses on building a sense of belonging, being and becoming
  • We view sustainability as a critical component of both the design and use of our environments. We view children as active citizens and provide a program that enhances their capacity to care for the environment


  • We believe every child is created in the image and likeness of God, they are unique and we value their right to form their own identity
  • We believe that every child, regardless of their background, ability and circumstance, has the capacity to achieve their full potential
  • We view children as holders of their own rights and independent thinkers
  • We strive to provide an equitable and inclusive curriculum that takes children on an exciting journey of growth and development
  • We view children as capable and competent risk takers who we trust and collaborate when developing the program
  • We value and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural knowledge and heritage, and critically reflect on evolving ways to include this in our program