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Religious Education and Faith Formation
  • NSW Department of Education - Early Childhood Guided Learning Packages
  • Continue to read stories as much as you can.
  • Sing the alphabet song to Mum/Dad. See if you can tell Mum/Dad what sound each letter makes.
  • Sign in routine with names.
  • Can you write your friends' names?
  • Today is… (review names of the week)
  • Paper and pencil at home - encouraging writing in the play - ie - making a shopping list, numbers and letters in the house.
  • Letter hunt in the home.
  • NSW Department of Education - Early Childhood Guided Learning Packages
  • How many doors are in your house? Record your answer in the notes section on Seesaw.
  • Hide some treasure around the house. Draw a map and see if someone can follow it to the treasure.
  • Roll the dice  to - identify the number, clap the number and  make the number with items around the house. 
  • Collect a variety of items from around the house to Sort into groups - discuss the attributes of the items
  • Create a pattern ABAB, AABB, ABB, AAB.
  • Measuring - collecting different items and seeing how long they are - using longer than, shorter than, this is more than, less than… using a measure - can be anything ie this is 4 shoes long, this is 2 shoes long. If there is a measuring tape in the at home can use this - discuss numbers etc… but not the focus as using a consistent item for measuring is the purpose.
  • Number hunt in the home.
  • Shape hunt in the home.
  • Practice your Fine Motor Skills:
    • Help Mum/Dad to peg out the washing. Can you find the matching socks when they are dry and fold them?
    • If you have plasticine at home, create someone in your family. Invite Mum/Dad to upload a photo on Seesaw.
    • Use tongs to pick up your toys. Was it easier to pick up the soft or hard toys? Tell us on Seesaw.
    • Zip and unzip your jacket five times. Button and unbutton (any item of clothing is good) five times.