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Mrs Wong Visit

As you are aware, Mrs Wong has been absent from school since the last two weeks of last term. While Mrs Wong’s condition has been improving, her doctors have advised that she will not be able to return to work for another four weeks. We have tried to reduce the disruption to 3 Green and will leave Mrs Sarieda Snow in 3 Green until Mrs Wong is able to return to full-time work.

We know the children have been missing Mrs Wong (as she has been missing them). Mrs Wong would like to visit the class some time this week. She has given me permission to let parents know that her condition means that she has a number of involuntary tics, which she understands may upset some students. If you think your child may be more unsettled in seeing Mrs Wong this week, please let Mrs Myles know via email and we will find an alternate activity for your child during her visit.


Leah Taylor

St Thomas Aquinas West Belconnen